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Our Story

We’ve come across many body lotions over the years, the majority of which have ingredients that I do not know nor can pronounce. They failed to make me confident about the health of my skin, as they are laced with many different chemicals. To remedy this, I went back to how we’ve always done it in rural Nigeria. Growing up, the majority of products we used on our hair and body were from the farms around us. After every bath, we enjoyed applying homemade body butter (called “ORI”) on our skin, and it provided an all-day nourishing feeling. Shea Butter/Ori is an all-natural plant product extracted from the shea tree seed using rudimentary techniques. It never made our skin dry nor ashy, but rather smooth without the need for reapplication throughout the course of the day. The knowledge and experience of this, all-organic product has been called upon in the formulation and production of Perfect Envy Body Butter, the ingredients of which are fully plant-based with no extra chemicals.

These products will undoubtedly nourish your skin sufficiently. The beauty of our products is in the simplicity of the ingredients, all of which are well-researched and recognizable plant products with benefits that have been documented over centuries. My family and I have used them for years, and I simply want to share this gift of natural beauty with the public.

Perfect Envy is a family-run business that spans the globe from the United States to Nigeria, and we seek to satisfy the increasing demand for healthy, natural skin and hair care products

Our Shea Butter base is directly imported, raw and unrefined, from West Africa. It is then refined via a concern-free, eco-friendly method that allows our products to retain important antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, ultraviolet radiation protective, and anti-aging properties.